A video speaks a million words

The impact of pictures
A picture speaks a thousand words; so goes the old saying. This saying has been proven repeatedly and has shown how influencing pictures are. Now, imagine if pictures can leave such a mark on someone and make such a strong statement, what a video can do?

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The evolution of storytelling
One cannot underplay the impact of pictures. When the camera was invented, it instantly became a popular invention. Pictures did not take a long time to take the world by storm. Everyone wanted to have a preserved image of themselves and literally look at their memories whenever they want. With innovations in technology, everything started becoming better. The same happened with pictures. Still pictures were replaced by moving pictures. Videos are basically frames after frames of still pictures which transition at a rapid pace from one to the next. This gives an impression that you are looking at the event as it unfolds right in front of your eyes. The written word had been a powerful medium of change and revolution ever since man started writing and spreading the knowledge and wisdom of the great sages across the world. With the invention of the printing press, books became even more widespread and the primary source of knowledge in the world. Jump a few centuries and the invention of camera changed the whole game. Instead of reciting a scene with words, an artist could now capture the very scene on his camera and show it to the world as it was. In the 20th century, this became further developed and it gave birth to the moving picture; or the video.

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Videos can show you events and incidents as they happened. Not only do pictures tell a story; but it literally shows you the story as it unfolds and leaves a lasting impact. All this has led to obvious rise of websites and apps that contain nothing but videos for its users. The phenomenal success of the likes of YouTube and Vidmate being an example. One can simply logon to these kind of websites and look at any story they want; and if they have an app like vidmate, they can save it on their drives so as to revisit them whenever they want.

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