Rules to keep the privacy of the devices

The news has revealed the matter that some of the celebrities’ details and information’s were caught by the hackers which have led for them to face the difficulties. They also have faced too much of humiliation because of the unnecessary things that hackers have done with the personal files. Not o9nly the top class celebrities but the peoples are also suffering from these uncertainties. If you know how to keep your data safe then no need to worry.

Here are some rules to keep your device secured and also to ensure privacy-
1. Encryption of the information- to keep your data or files private and secured, encryption or the data is the most helpful thing that can be done. Through the encryption your data will be kept safe from the unwonted persons. None of them will read it and make the wrong use with that information. Here are some data encryption methods that can be used.
• You can use 7-Zip method- It is the most popular way to keep the files encrypted which are in archive. Passphrase is used in order to give protection to those archived items. Windows 7 users can easily download it.
• PGP Encryption- It is the effective tool to encrypt data. Windows 7 users can create and manage their files by using gpg4win and it’s easy to use. It helps by providing the private and public keys that will encrypt the files and messages or other details.
• BitLocker- It is another tool to save the files. This is available for free of cost and if you need more of it then you have to go to paid version.

2. Setting of the device- The users who have installed the apps need to know that their pictures automatically uploaded. You must be very much careful while capturing pictures or doing video recordings. You must remove the images through online from the accounts.
These were some rules that you can use to keep the full safety and security of your data from the unauthorized hackers. click here to get more informationencrypt phone.

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The cyber crime is the fastest growing crime in the world. Email encryption overcomes many cyber risk caused by hijacking the email accounts to steal personal information like account number, credit card number etc. Pgp is basically used for encrypting, decrypting and signing in email communications. The pgp encrypted works on the generation of two keys, a public and a private key.

This popular program encrypts and decrypts emails over the internet. The public key is used to encrypt the message and the private key is a unique key to each individual to decrypt the message at the receiver end. It also encrypts the stored files and authenticates the emails with digital signatures. Blackberry encryption works on this pgp technology. It offers end to end encryption for emails and only the sender and receiver can intend to view the messages. Pgp has been utilized across worldwide by both private and public departments to encrypt sensitive communication in banking, government, finances and health care etc.

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