Responsibilities of the employer to the foreign domestic helper

Securing the services of a foreign domestic helper enables you to go about your other duties with no worries. This is because you know that the help is capable of handling matters at home. It is your obligation as the employer of the housemaid to provide her with the necessary assistance to ensure that she performs well. You should be able to provide for her a safe place to sleep. It is also your mandate to provide for her upkeep during her stay at your home. You need to go through the list of requirements for both the employer and employee while at the maid agency. Ask for clarification in case you do not understand. Ensure that you are agreeable to the terms before signing on any documents. You should provide a favorable environment for the filipino maid to enable her to carry on with her duties well.

Do not overwork your help

Ensure that you pay her salary within the stipulated time. This enables her to plan accordingly in due time. Give her enough time to rest and let her go during her off days. Some employers always look for reasons to keep their foreign domestic helper from going off. This should not be the case unless otherwise stated. Those willing to trade their off days for money can discuss that with you. If you are agreeable to the terms, then that is well in order. You should not give her any work that is not in her jurisdiction. Some employers take advantage of the situation by allowing their relatives to drop off their children at their home because they have a housemaid. This situation may overwhelm her, and she may not be able to perform her duties well. You should supervise her work and give her the support she requires to enable her to serve you better.