Difference between young and old generation

Generation gap can be defined as the change in ideology among two generations because of the environment, raising style of the parents, and the era in which you were born exactly. In every few years the world around us changes a lot and as we stop doing something and start doing something else. There are only few people who know the difference of opinion between two generations and there will be only fewer people who know that it is okay if two people have different opinions because this way you are only adding a new perspective to your own life.

There is a lot of difference between the present generations and current generation. Let us discuss the former one first. In the older years, you must understand the fact; there wasn’t electronics and so people actually sat together and talked unlike people who like to read stuff on a screen written by someone else rather than writings something of your own. Earlier, people used to have proper conversations and if only that could happen I would be the happiest. Older generation ran on the concept of hardwork but the times have changed and now it is all about the smart work.

The young generation is a little warm blooded but they control their anger whenever they can which doesn’t happen much often. They are really interest in convenience products such as a smart phone. The young generation is very seriously addicted to online gaming so we let them play the game only because they doing well in life. Maybe, earlier terms such as FUN88 or FUN88 Indonesia were not all that famous but the current generation knows everything about everything, and so online gaming and the internet are making fun of people who asked, if we have technology with us.

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