M9 Bayonet- the real-life cogs knife on sale!

Aimers attack is an online website developed by a gaming enthusiast. This website is made in order to make all the accessories available to you at Avery low price and a great quality. The people who play counter strike know that this game is quite an exciting game with different types of weapons. And there are real life csgo knives available with us.

The M9 bayonet is available here at the price on sale of €39.00. it has a great structure and is durable with strength. The sharpness of the blade is great and has a stainless-steel metal. The blue steel is having a great type of look. It is 7.7 in long and has a nice grip to hold. A cogs knife girl having good and decent looks.

The hyper beast, tiger tooth and crimson web have the same specification as the blue steel of the category M9 Bayonet. These real cogs knives are great in structure and size. The design and the precision are similar to the knives in game.

Autotropic, Lore, Hyper beastie, Slaughter, Hyper beast III, Fade, Gamma phase II, Night are all in the same price range, these real cogs knives have the same strength and the physical specification. The style differs a lot here. There are different styles in the game. The craftsman has created these in game knives in the real. The knives are all real time. They are very much similar to the game. The hype of cogs is so much that these accessories are sold out fast. Our customers have always been satisfied with the product.

These cogs knives in real life can be used as a gift to someone who is a counter strike fanatic. This can be great gift for the players because a gamer you understand how that vitality has affected you in real life. The product is made similar to the game, thus making the customers satisfied.