Why independent filmmakers should consider an intercrossed film distribution strategy

Film distribution has been changing in recent years with online distribution becoming commonplace. For most independent filmmakers, like Jason Murphy, online film distribution can be a challenge since it changes the way people watch television series and movies. The internet has also encouraged illegal distribution of films and this has negatively impacted the film industry in terms of cash estimates. In fact, illegal distribution of films online has impacted the film industry the same way the music industry has been impacted over the years. The reality today is that the traditional releases of films with seven-day runs around the country are getting difficult.

Exhibitors have even been complaining that there are many film openings every day despite the fact that viewers are nowadays watching films at home via the Internet and cable. Since theatrical releases have become challenging and difficult at the same time, independent filmmakers must develop innovative alternatives for releasing their films. A good strategy independent filmmakers can use is to develop an intercrossed film distribution strategy. Such a strategy can encompass traditional cinema, television and DVD releases with the online distribution option. Take Monsters At Large for example. This is an upcoming family-friendly horror movie that will be available from March, 13 2018.

DVD’s for the film can currently be pre-ordered online. Once the film is released by Jason Murphy through Lionsgate Home Entertainment, the film will be available on-demand. The distribution of the film will use an intercrossed distribution strategy, which is cost-effective compared to the traditional theatrical releases. In addition, this strategy is flexible since people will be able to watch it on-demand instead of watching the film at a specified broadcast time, which has always been the case with theatrical releases. While this approach has many advantages, Independent filmmakers should consider exploring whether or not an intercrossed film distribution strategy offers the best option for distributing their films.