Features Making UC Browser Best Internet Browser for Windows Phone

UC Browser download for Windows Phone 8 is now one of the most popular Internet browsers available from the store. We had completed the review of the browser long ago and since then there is a lot of improvements with features. Characteristics such as Wi-Fi sharing, backgrounds and themes desktop and service downloading were inserted to the browser in the recent updates.
You’ll find quite a Whole Lot of useful features provided in the browser such as speed dial as well as superior tab management. UC browser is much better when compared with the default IE web browser on Windows Phone. So now we will cover a couple of helpful features of UC Browser which makes it one of the best browsers for the platform.

Here are the most features which make UC browser which the best Program for Windows Phone:
Wallpaper download: It’s a Great attribute for individuals who like downloading. Using UC Browser, you then may keep downloading files even once you leave UC Browser. The downloading process will probably continue even after you completely close UC Browser. The download process will automatically restart if the download is interrupted from disconnection, again, all in your background.
Desktop Computer sharing: UC Browser Most Recent update for Windows Phone Makes file transfer between your phone, tablet computer computers and PC easy by helping you to share downloaded files with different devices inside Wi-Fi.
UDisk: Just in case You’ve Limited storage space for downloaded Videos and audio on your phone, UC Browser download comprises UDisk, an cloud storage service that lets you store files on your cloud. After enrolling for a UC account, you get 6GB of space to store downloads on UDisk right: having 2GB lasting and 4GB temporary storage.
Optimized preloading: The attribute of Preloading Gives you with a much smoother reading of paged websites with adjoining webpages being preloaded. It produces a smooth scanning experience together with all the subsequent pages being automatically filled once you get to the end of your current page.
Topics and customizations: You Have the Ability to change the browser Skin on your UC Theme Center. These might also be used as lock display wallpapers.