How to choose a lubricant

The desire to satisfy your partner properly and the feeling of that happiness is immense. We have a wide range of variety with 1000s of brand of all types of Lubricant. The best from of lubricants with an affordable rate. It’s the substance that helps in making the friction less and helps in enjoying great pleasure.

But do you how to purchase a lubricant or which lubricant suits you the most. When it comes to buying a lubricant, consider two things Comfort and Safety.

Comfort refers to the pleasure, the amount of satisfaction, and the amount of time it can stay on you skin. We can say that a lubricant is comfortable if it gives more pleasure and is last longing.

Second is Safety, it refers to how safe the lubricant is, what are its effect on skin. Basically, oil based lubricants are considered as harmful as they block the pores and may result in infection.

If you have chronic pain, a lubricant containing numbing agent like lidocaine or benzocaine maybe reduce the vaginal, anal pain. Such lubricants are perfect for you.

If you want to use lubricant with condoms then water based or hybrid lubricants are recommended as water does not harm the latex condoms and hybrid based lubricants contain silicon which goes well with condoms

It you like to do anal sex then water based is the best one as, the lube is made of water, the water gets absorbed or dissolved by the skin tissue making it moisturized. Oil lubricant must be avoided as these block pores and can cause serious sensation of itching.

If you like masturbating then oil based lubes are considered as the best, as they are known for their slipperiness. These lubricants are most slippery and goes well if you want to masturbate. It will give you a stunning effect, and the pleasure you feel is of whole new level.