Best Thai tattoo shop

If you are looking for a place where you can get high quality tattoos at low cost then Panumart is the shop you are looking for. Panumart is a tattoo shop owned by artist Chiang Mai. If you are planning a Thailand tour then to make your Thailand tour light-full and life remembering, get a a permanent tattoo by professional artist from a five stars shop. Get along side with the nature and keep aside City pollution by coming into semi Suburban area of Panumart tattoo shop.

This shop it’s not that famous, but still it is approved by government as a five-star shop. The tattoo artist chiang mai are professional leading artists who had got their education in Thailand Arts College. Now she owns a family tattoo shop named Panumart. In Thailand profession is considered as a part of life style so people like to live where they work. Using the same tradition Chiang Mai opened her shop in her own house. But don’t go on the size of the shop, even if it is in house shop it has Top class facilities and high-end Equipment’s that can make some Badass tattoos.

The staff present there is very friendly and pleasing and help us endure the pain quickly. They got the education from the same college. The best thing about this shop is that they also provide authenticated Thai food. If you are a food lover then you can try some traditional authenticated food here at free of cost, isn’t that amazing. Along with a premium tattoo you get five-star quality of food and a fascinating experience of getting tattoo in woods. If you want to know more about this shop then visit the website.