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What can you do when you see your Mac throw beach balls at you?

When your Mac has too much going on, it will show you a colorful beach ball icon in the center of your screen. No, this is not a glitch. It was designed by Apple and is a way of telling you that your Mac is playing catch up and that it can respond to all your future inputs immediately, at least until the beach ball disappears.

The beach ball usually appears because of two reasons. First, it could be because your Mac’s RAM is not sufficient for the kind of work that you do on your Mac. For example, if you have just 2 GB of RAM and are using your Mac to work on complex graphic rendering, your Mac just can’t handle even simple additional queries like you using Mail to quickly check your mail, while some heavy rendering is going on. These days, even simple programs that are released in the app store recommend that your Mac have at least 4 GB of RAM.

Another reason why you see the beach ball is because your Mac’s OS is installed on a partition with very little disk space. When your OS works, it uses free space on the partition in which the OS is installed as virtual memory. It does so because it is easier for your OS to look for free virtual memory close to where the system files are located, rather than search in other partitions where there might be a lot of free space. So, if you see the beach ball very often and want to get rid of it, check your OS partition to make sure there is enough space. If there isn’t, try freeing up some space, as suggested in this site here;