The Magic of Anne of Green Gables on Prince Edward Island

At just 175 miles from tip to tip, Prince Edward Island(PEI) may worl as the smallest Canadian province, but what it lacks in size it makes up for in charm. The island boasts exciting outdoor activities, a stunning landscape, succulent fresh seafood, energetic music, and friendly islanders. Despite all of the aspects that were unbelievable, tourism in PEI is greatly tied to literary character Anne of Green Gables. Here are my tips for finding the magic of Anne of green gables movie on Prince Edward Island.

Anne of Green Gables on Prince Edward Island
Lucy Maud Montgomery’s most famous book was initially published in 1908 and readers were shortly captivating across the world. The popularity of the book lasts over 100 years after and, according to the Tourism PEI website, millions of devotees have journeyed to the island to go through the magic for themselves.
The Land of Anne
The character’s existence is felt most powerfully in the Cavendish resort area, understood the Land of as Anne, where her stories are set and as this is where the writer once resided. Aside from the draws which can be linked to either the character or the writer, visitors may also find Anne memorabilia in just about any store they will likely stay in lodgings bearing names chosen in the pages of Montgomery’s books and enter. Over time, we’ve seen almost every Anne site in the area and can recommend our four favourite activities for families planning to go through the magic of Anne on Prince Edward Island.

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