Use Option Scanner To Enhance Your Technical Analysis

option scanner are extremely important for traders since it decreases the time required to arrive in your trading decisions and help your technical analysis of stocks in a way that could enhance your search. It can restrict your options before you are able to trade. A stock screener aids in performing quantitative evaluation without a lot of effort needed by the users. As it’s based on data, you are able to get an objective opinion of what is happening at the moment. So cut out the sound around you and get down to the technical details.

To start with, you’ll need to select “Live Scanner” in the tools part of this Menu.
After you click on Live Scanner, you get this particular window that shows you that our predefined stock screeners which could help you do it and discover opportunities within all of the noise of everyday price action. As you can see that in this screener, you can see:* Ticker* Time* Traded Volume* Screener Illness

The Ticker text that have been in GREEN denote that the inventory is up for its afternoon, RED denotes that the inventory is down and BLUE finds that it’s an Index.

You are able to filter stocks by selecting from other Indices and Business groups. On Fyers One of the significant ones are readily available. All you want to do would be to pick and click on “Apply”. These search filters are extremely helpful. For example, if you would like to exchange Food & Beverage Sector, then it is possible to quickly pick it and it shows you scrips that have hit pre-defined stock screener conditions.

From the case above we’ve selected banks and it clearly reveals real-time information of banks stocks. As you can see, you now know that Corporation Bank has struck a new intraday low and Karur Vysya Bank has done precisely the reverse path and created a new intraday high. Information such as this may be put to use whenever you’re on the lookout for new trading ideas. You might even see how all of the businesses do technically.

Add to watch list– You can decide on the scrip and click on “Add to Watchlist”. You may then manually select which one you need it in.

S. List (Brief List)– This function shows you the list of shortlisted scrips which have match the stock screener requirements. Because you can see now there are 9 stocks that match the pre-defined standards.

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