What are the advantages of Vinyl Plank Flooring?

Vinyl plank flooring is a great option to install. It is not only easy to maintain, but it has a high durability. Though these tiles allow DIY installation but you will need a professional to prepare the subfloor before its installation. These vinyl-flooring tiles are available in various form, size, style and color. It was first introduced in the year of 1930, and since then it is popular among people. It has many advantages that convince people to install this, but like everything else, this also has some disadvantages you must know such as:
• The out-gassing chemical:
The chemical used in manufacturing this tile is a reason this tile causes out-gassing some chemical after its installation. The volatile chemical can cause many household problems along with skin irritation, eye irritation, asthma, etc. the level of the out-gassing depends on the chemical used while manufacturing.
• Environmental herm:
As it harms the after installation process it does the same after it old. Unlike cheap carpet tiles, vinyl tiles consume nonrenewable source that is petroleum, which means it is not nature good product. Also, it is not a biodegradable one. It does not degrade in nature and also it is non-recyclable.
• Damages with time:
The surface of the vinyl tiles damages over time with even a little uneven underneath. That is why it is advisable to install vinyl tiles over a smooth and even sub floor. Or else the surface of the soft vinyl tile adopts lumps or curls.
• Difficult to replace:
The vinyl sheets are not repairable. The vinyl sheets or tiles need to be replaced if ripped off or damaged.
• Stained unlike carpet tiles:
Vinyl plank flooring is stained if comes in contact with rubber. Though vinyl tiles are popular for its durability but it does discolor when contact with a rubber surface. Also, it does not stand up against sun UV rays; it fades over time if the floor catches the sunlight.

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